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OK, I have a mirrorless, now what?

So this past weekend I had my first paid jobs with my new mirrorless setup, I took with me two lenses and two bodies. The lenses I took were the 16-50mm kit lens that came with my a6000 and the 50mm f/1.8. The kit lens I mounted on my Sony NEX-3F for the group and overhead shots, the 50mm was mounted on my Sony a6000.

I will gladly admit it that I had a considerably large knot in my stomach but it was as good one, I knew very well what the Sony cameras could do, and I knew how to use them. But, this was going to be my first paid gig with these cameras none the less.

So, first mission of the day, photograph a christening at home, I had no idea how many guests there would be nor how the location and lighting was. But I knew that it would be fine no matter what. The lower light capabilities that the Sony a6000 is far better than anything I’ve seen in the prosumer DLSRs from Canon which I’ve owned. And having the 50mm f/1.8 on hand, was a good thing to say the least =)

I was able to get about 400 shots in the christening all in all on both cameras combined. And I was shocked to find out that I had more than 50% left on my battery on the a6000. I’d read online how people were bashing Sony for the small batteries and crappy battery life when shooting a gig, but I can’t say I felt that with the APS-C size a6000. I think it might be with the A7 series of cameras that the battery life is significantly shorter since those have bigger sensors and are perhaps a bit more power hungry ?

Second job of the day was to meet up with a long time friend of mine who had gotten married that same day and wanted some photographs of him and his wife after the ceremony. When I got there we had access to the church and I tried setting up lights there, but since we didn’t know how to turn on the ambient lights in the church, I abandoned that idea quickly. We took it outside for some natural light portraits of them below the church bells, in front of the church and a few extra shots in between. Finally we went back inside for some detailed shots of the rings, bouquet and of themselves in various poses. I did end up using a single flash head with a 1.5m wide white reflective umbrella to put some nice and warm light around them.

At the end of the day when I got home and was able to put the photos on my laptop, I was first of all amazed at the quantity of photographs that had tack sharp focus, even when I had the cameras high above my eye line and just trusted the cameras when I clicked. Second of all I was very pleased with the lack of noise from these sensors, specially the 24MP sensor in the a6000.

All in all I am extremely happy with my switch to Sony, I can see the potential for a long and prosperous relationship between me and Sony.

Next weekend I have a shoot planned here at home where I will revisit an older shoot I had with my Canon EOS 600D and Speedlite, but now with my Sony a6000 and a 100W flash head. I’m looking forward to trying to get better results from the shoot and to share them with you when they are ready.