Lately I’ve been thinking about a lot of things, what I want to do, how, where and why among many things. I’ve also been wondering a lot about the internet, social media and the constant bother of it all. And I’ve come up with a question for myself, do I really need all this social media bothering me ?


Do I need it ?

Well, some will say that to get ahead and get noticed you have to be active on social media, some say Facebook is enough, others Instagram. Some even say you have to use many and even all the social media outlets there are. At the moment I am on Facebook (personal and a brand page), Twitter, Instagram (two accounts), Youtube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Beme, Google+, DeviantArt, 500px, Flickr, Model Mayhem and I’ve even dabbled a bit on Periscope. This blog is even publicized on three of those platforms. But, are all these accounts really worth the time they take away from me ?


Since I’ve simplified my gear and thought process this year (moved from Canon DSLR to Sony mirrorless, read more here) I’ve had more time to think and I’ve nearly come to the conclusion that I am not in this for the fame, I don’t have anything against it should it become something that I encounter, but it’s not *why* I am doing photography.

I love photography for my reasons, I love the simplicity of it, I love the time I get alone away from the world while I’m doing my nature landscapes, I love meeting new people to work with, I love the time I spend in the great outdoors. I love so many things about photography, but I don’t love the endless posts on Facebook trying to get more people’s attention, I don’t love having to answer questions and comments on social media as soon as they are posted, otherwise I am considered rude and not doing what I should be doing.

So this is basically what it boils down to, do I want to spend all this time on social media and try and get my name out there, or do I want to skip that whole thing and just do my thing, in my time at my pace, without having to always be thinking about pleasing others?

Yes I’ve gotten business via Facebook, but I do know that it has always been word of mouth and not my presence on Facebook. I know this because it started with one small job, that grew into another bigger job, then another for the extended family of the first client and so on and so on.

So what now ? Well, I will be leaving all my accounts open for the time being, but I will be removing all social media apps from my phone and tablet, I will try and steer clear of most of these sites on the computer and I will try to stop always thinking about them. In a word, I’ll be going unplugged into the near future.

I’ll try and be more active on this site and my personal blog site and spend more time moving around, experiencing new and old things, trying my best to photograph the world around me.

I’ll leave you with this quote.

“We’re plugged in 24 hours a day now. We’re all part of one big machine, whether we are conscious of that or not. And if we can’t unplug from that machine, eventually we’re going to become mindless.” – Alan Lightman