I had a wonderful day yesterday doing a photo shoot with a new student, one who graduated yesterday. The forecast wasn’t all that good but I had a nice place in mind where we would be in a nice shelter from the blowing wind, and if there would have been any rain the trees towering above us would take the brunt of the rain.

But, as soon as we got there, there was a slight problem. There was already another photographer there with newlyweds, so we couldn’t start straight away. But they were just at the end of their shoot in that location so we didn’t have to wait long. As soon as we saw that they were walking out of the clearing we were going to use, we walked forwards and met them half way. It was a nice moment where everyone jokingly said “one out, one in” and such things. But what I really liked was seeing all parties wishing the other ones congratulations.

Another thing that caught my eye was that my whole setup (1 camera + 3 lenses + 5in1 reflector) was probably lighter in total than just the camera and lens the other photographer was using. Again, this is one of the reasons I chose to move to Sony mirrorless from Canon DSLRs.
But enough of that!

The shoot went wonderfully, there was much merriment and laughter and we all had a nice time. And yet again my little Sony a6000 proved to be more than capable for the task. It locked on the eyes when using the eye focus enabling me to use my 50mm f/1.8 at it’s maximum aperture so the eye was tack sharp and the background melted away as seen in this photo.


The only thing I did notice which is a “bad” thing is that I need a newer and better standard lens and/or a wide angle lens for group shots. I tried using the kit lens (16-50mm) I was a bit washed out, didn’t hold the colours as well as I had hoped. But it did so so. At the end, my 50mm stepped up and I just backed away a bit to get the family in the frame for a bunch of shots.

Now the waiting game until the client picks her photos for me to edit and then I can show you guys more!