A lot of people ask me as a photographer to do this and that for free, sometimes I have a hard time saying no or I settle for a payment which is much less than I normally charge.

However.. Last December I decided to do good and in the spirit of Christmas I went onto one of the bigger Facebook groups we have here in Iceland, called “Gefins, allt gefins“, where people post free stuff for those who need it.
I went there and posted this post where I offered those in need, people who couldn’t afford it and similar to contact me and I would do a photo shoot with them. It started with the idea to do this at their home but due to the amount of people who contacted me I changed that to a studio session.

What did this do for me ? Nothing, except I was happier due to the fact I was able to do something for someone else. I have not used any of the images for publicity and this is going to be the only post I write about this experience. I am not writing this post to get publicity for what I did, I am using this post to get the meaning of doing something for nothing out there =)

This coming Sunday I’ll be doing another free job, this time for a group of actors who all have at least two thing in common, number one is that they love acting and enjoy what they do. Number two is they all have Downs syndrome.
There is ten of them coming to my studio for me to photograph them individually and then all in a group for one big group photo.

Since those photographs will be used by them in the play bill I will most likely use them myself in the portfolio for AKMyndir, but time will tell =)

The point I wanted to arrive at with this post is this: doing free stuff is good, as long as you can afford to give your time for it and it doesn’t hit you hard financially. Doing good for others, lending a helping hand (or camera in this instance) is a good thing. We should all try to better ourselves and do more for others.

I know I’ll keep my eyes open for opportunities to do more in the future as well.