One year ago

One year ago, this country was in turmoil. There were planned protests for over a week, the first day being the biggest one.
The reason behind these protests was a show which uncovered the fact that our prime minister had a off-shore company in the tax haven of Tortola and other such places.

I went downtown on the day of the first protest with blood still ringing in my ears, my anger was suffocating me. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I knew I’d be downtown with the rest of my countrymen and women protesting the prime minister and the other politicians that were found to be owners of a company there or connected to one.

When I got there

When I finally got downtown after a hour long ride in the over stuffed city bus (the whole city seemed to be heading downtown!) I was faced with thousands of people already set up with metal barrels, household items such as pots and pans, all banging together and chanting.
It was at that time I figured out that the best thing I could do was to document this event as well as take part of being one of the thousands there.

So I took up my camera and started walking around, observing the people there and photographing them. I remember the sun bathing us in warmth, there was close to no wind and the noise from the people was deafening. When it was time to go home, people were still pouring in and I had a hard time getting away.

Why am I talking about this ?

Well, it’s a year and a day since this happened. Today we are in no better shape than before, we still have people on those lists working in the government and no one bats an eye.

I thought this would be a nice opportunity to revisit the photos of this event to remind people of the country we live in and who run it.


You can find more images here on Facebook.