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Sony EVF in the studio

I love the Sony EVF, it’s bright and shows you a live view of what your image will look like, if you set the aperture to a small value it shows in the picture with the DOF being really small / narrow.
But, when you put the camera into manual mode and head on into the studio and plan to use lights, that can be a bad thing.

Unless you know how to switch the camera from “see what you get” to “see what you are photographing” mode (so to speak).

There is an option in the menu system called “Live View Display” and it has two options, On and Off.

When it’s turned on, you see as stated before, the picture you will end up with. But with it off, it works similar to the OVF in Canon, Nikon and other SLR cameras. It will display your subject as you would see them if you weren’t looking through a camera, regardless of the camera settings (ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed).

At first I found it really difficult to use my Sony cameras in the studio because I didn’t know of this option. So when I looked through the EVF all I saw was darkness, I got a lot of out of focus shots because I didn’t see what I was focusing on until I half pressed the shutter button, but at that point my composition was all wrong.

After I found this option everything has been a lot better, no longer any out of focus photographs, I can clearly see what I am composing, I can see those moments when my subjects are blinking, smiling and such.

Just don’t forget to switch back after you leave the studio, else you will most likely get really dark or blown out images 😉