So, summer is clearly ending here in Iceland, the weather is getting wet and windy and the parkas are out when you go walking downtown. That means that the photography community here in Iceland is about to change its focus from the model photography outside and move inside, no more loooong golden hours since the sun will be setting sooner and sooner as the days go by.

But not all things changing are bad things, if there are any..

The aurora season is upon us!

Aurora Borealis in late summer

It has already started, the above photograph was taken on the 24th of August last week, as you can see the aurora is clearly visible from Reykjavík. At that time in the night I was by the old harbor and by changing my composition a bit I got the photograph I use in the header of this post as well. A nice cityscape. Just to the right of that photo is where Harpan, our music hall, is located.

Truth be told, I love the winter when it’s snow all over. But it does come with a catch, there is way less sun and light. And winter in Reykjavík isn’t always the snow kingdom we’d love it to be, slush and rain are quite normal weather conditions we have to settle with.

But I am optimistic for this season, I’ve been getting my winter clothing, boots and gear out and getting it ready.

So bring it on winter! I’ve got this! 😉