Getting started with new things can be a drag, I’m trying to do a few things now and get them from being a new thing into being a part of my habits. But darn it’s hard!
An old wife’s tale says that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, but newer studies say that it actually takes 66 days. So, I’ve decided to do it as scientifically as possible, count the days, keep on trucking and first of all: WRITE IT DOWN!

I’ve had a problem throughout the years of being “blessed” by having ADHD and depression so I tend to forget things soon after I have an idea, and if I even remember it the depression has normally just made me no longer want to do the thing I thought about.

But no more!

I’m going to use this platform to write down what I’m doing, how and when. Trying to force myself to do right by myself and make things work out. Starting with writing out what it is exactly that these new habits are.

  1. Take more photographs everyday.
  2. Do more personal projects in my photography and publish them here. These are projects I have had in my head and heart for a long time.
  3. Tend to my temple, eat better food, cook every evening and start planning out my diet more.
  4. Take longer walks, take my camera with me and photograph what I see. That way I get more exercise and more photos!
  5. Start my podcast finally! Link here

This will be the first step in my habit-building and it is writing the list down. Even though I have a much longer list in mind, this is a good start. In this week I will try and finish writing a little rough draft of the podcast and record it. I’ll hopefully release it on Sunday. Not sure yet on how regular it will be, but I think a weekly podcast might be a nice idea. Not sure I can find enough topics to talk about though but it’s all worth a shot. Who knows, I might even escalate it even further and do a YouTube video series on how to do various things.

Personal projects

That includes doing some stock photography for this webpage, to use as featured images as well as in the articles themselves. For instance for this post I saw in my mind a notebook with a few pens, laying on a rough wooden table with a cup of hot tea or coffee as the featured image. But I’ll have to make do with an older photo of a lazy cat lounging on my old sofa, to describe how lazy I’ve become in the recent years 😉

The podcast

Well, where to start? I’ve often thought about doing some sort of talk or at least teaching something regarding photography. I do realize that there are tons of shows on YouTube where everyone and no one have their own show. But I’ve been doing some teaching here in Iceland and I think I could have something the other shows I know of don’t, Icelandic nature!

I want to start the first episode at least with a introduction of myself, who I am and where I’m from. And maybe just a general rant about photography, what it is to be a depressed person with a burning interest in photography and how to work around it / with it.

That’s it!

At least for now. I will try my best to keep a score of what I do, when I do it and so on, but here’s to a good start!