I’ve been really quiet here on my site for a loooooong time since I’ve just simply been on a bender so to speak mentally. I’ve had a rough year mentally but just lately I’ve been doing better, my work to get me better has finally paid off and my mood and mental health is far better today than it has for years.

Part of what I’ve been doing to help my mind cope is to open a studio here in Akranes (where I moved in April this year btw). It’s not your typical studio I think. We don’t really take in a lot of clients so to speak, it’s more of an experimental space for us to test new and exciting things we haven’t tried before.

That being said, we do take in clients for a personal portrait and such. Just this last weekend I had my annual “giving weekend”, where I give those who don’t necessarily have the means to do a photoshoot of their family for the holidays a photo shoot and prints for them to give or use as a Christmas card.

I just finished editing all the photos earlier tonight and tomorrow after work I will set about printing them all, every family I did a shoot with will get 30pcs 15x10cm and a big A3+ print as well of their choosing. So far the gratitude I’ve gotten from the families has been heartwarming and it always puts a smile on my face to see children happy and smiling =)

In the coming days, I’ll hopefully finish setting up the two websites for us, both www.creoljos.is and www.boudoir.is. It’s been a long time coming since we have stopped using the name AKMyndir now in favor of CREO and have been using the new name for a few months now. 
But like they say, “Better late than never”.