My son getting the last of this years fireworks out of the car on our last day.

Today was a tough day since it was the last day this holiday season I had my son with me, he is flying tomorrow to his home in Norway with his mother and sister.
Here you can see him getting the fireworks, that we bought for new years eve, from the car for him to light the rest up before he had to go.

We had a wonderful time and tons of memories from the time during the holidays, but it’s always tough to see him go each time, and he is at the age where there are so many changes happening so fast. He had grown around 20cm from the last time I saw him! Time moves fast and without enough money, in the bag, the visits between countries are few and far apart, unfortunately.

I did give him a promise now that I will keep, no matter how I do it. This year will not be like the last, this year we will spend way more time together face to face and not just via the computer screen.

So, for my fourth image of the year, I’ve chosen this image since it shows me my son happy and smiling, his heart filled with happiness and not sadness.

But I’ll let this song slide with this post since it has been playing on a loop inside my head all day. I haven’t yet listened to the lyrics, there’s just something about the melody that haunts me and reminds me of this feeling I’m feeling right now, the sadness as my face slowly dries again.