This year I’ve set myself some goals to keep me active, mentally and physically. One of those challenges is to take a photo every day as I’ve been doing on so far this year. Those photographs aren’t necessarily the best photographs I can take, more a look into my life and documentation of what I am doing and what the highlights are in my life so to speak. An image diary of sorts.

Another goal I set myself was to finally get off my ass and do something I’ve wanted and wished to do for many years, to start a Youtube channel finally and do at least one upload there a week. So, now I’ll introduce to you my 52-week challenge. Every weekend you can expect me to put a video up on Youtube where I will go someplace in Iceland, or elsewhere depending on where I am in the world, and take a landscape photograph of high quality. Where I think about the composition, balance of colours and light, and more.

But a warning before you see the first video, which I will hopefully upload tomorrow. I am not really comfortable in front of the camera in video mode. I have no idea yet how I will make the video, if I’ll be in front of the camera or simply use an action camera fitted to the top of my camera or what.