I missed out yesterday but will be taking two photographs today to make up for it. But my reason for not posting yesterday is that I got caught up in a little whirlwind around a video I caught on my dashcam.

Let’s start by showing you the video in question.

This happened when I was on my way home from Reykjavík yesterday as can be seen on the timestamp on the video, I am driving at the legal limit there (70kmph) and that car just blasts away when overtaking me. Nothing about that is safe or indeed legal.

Since I posted that video publicly on my own Facebook wall and then in a group on Facebook for the residents here in Akranes, I have gotten tons of comments, messages and an short interview with one of the biggest newspapers here in Iceland, Morgunblaðið. The article there is now the most viewed one on the site in domestic news. As well as on Vísir, another big news site here in Iceland.

As I said above, I was driving at 70kmph which is the legal limit in the tunnel. That spot of the tunnel is a straight road in a slope downhill, where I normally just put the car in 3rd gear and set the cruise control to 70kmph and the car stays at that speed due to the fact the engine in that gear will slow the car down and not accelerate except when the cruise control kicks in. So I can drive down there at a flat speed.

The car driving past me was most likely doing (I’m estimating and roughly guessing) 110-130kmph. And that looks like a bigger type of SUV so I’m guessing it’s close to if not over 2 metric tons in weight. So, if something had happened there at that speed, who knows what might have happened. At the end of the video you can see that there are two cars that came in the opposite direction not long after the SUV overtakes me. So if anything would have happened, it could have been a 4 car (bad) pile-up.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing since yesterday after work. Fun ain’t it?