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A year in review – 2021

So, this is a new year and it’s time to take a look back and see what’s what in the old. As well to write more than I have been. This past year has been a strange one, even stranger than 2020 (as bad as it was).

In this article I am going over what has happened to me in the year 2021, both professionally as well as personally. As well I am going to dare speculate what the year 2022 will have in store for me, including things that I want to do, learn and create.


This whole past year I haven’t done a whole lot of photography compared to previous years. Due to Covid-19 we closed our studio to visitors and clients in 2020 since we wanted to be a part of the problem but rather part of the fix regarding C19. The only shoots we did this year was in between lock downs when we went to Grundarfjörður on the Snæfellsnes peninsula to photograph the daughter of a close friend when she had her confirmation. We had all of our studio equipment in the car with us so we were able to set up the studio in their living room. With that studio setup we did three shoots of confirmation kids.

Other than those shoots, this year has been a dud, I haven’t done any paid shoots and I haven’t been going on many trips like I’ve done in the years before to get my fix. A rather depressing year all in all photographically wise.


In programming I have taken leaps in my quest to re-acquirement of previous skills and adding more to my knowledge base. I have a big background in PHP4/5 programming from when I was a full stack developer back in the day, but having not worked in that area for such a long time, a lot of those skills have gone into the back of my mind rather than being in the front and being honed again and again as they would be had I been working in that area still.
But with my quest to gain more knowledge I have started programming in Swift, Flutter, Python, PHP7/8, JavaScript, Circuit Python and more from all my mini and not so mini projects I’ve been doing.

Raspberry Pi things have clearly helped me with my programming skills in Python and Circuit Python, which I’ve used to make all manner of projects including:

  • A small weather computer with a tiny monitor, which monitors temperature, air pressure and humidity.
  • A Raspberry Pi 4 with a 4″ touchscreen where I both log GPS data in files, as well as displaying a map where you are, what’s close and more. I will be putting this project on public on GitHub sometime in 2022 most likely.
  • v0xb0x: A Raspberry Pi Zero W which can be used in two modes depending on deployment:
    • A piratebox of sorts, where the Pi is used as an encrypted Wireless Access Point for others to connect to and upload files to and/or get files from. Good for whistleblowers who need to offload data without being too close to the one receiving the data.
    • A part of an extended mesh network where emergency workers can make a wireless network on the spot for various software and telecommunication applications to talk to each other when the normal networks are down. Can pass data around at the max speed of 72Mbps which seems to be the limitation of the Raspberry Pi Zero W. It supports 802.11n, but not at a higher speed than 72Mbps from what I’ve tested.

On the mobile app side of things, I’ve been experimenting with a few programs/apps that I plan to finish in 2022. These include:

  • A dating app that is both kink, couple and poly friendly. A lot of people I know have been banned on the big names like Tinder for making one account for them as a couple. Kink people regularly get banned for simple words as well. So I’d like to make a friendly space where people can match or not.
  • An app for image sharing like Instagram, but unlike Instagram there will be 18+ allowed profiles which will only be displayed to those who have proved their age, no nipple censoring or any of that. And as well, everything will be in chronological order, no algorithmic bullshit like Meta (formerly Facebook) have ruined all they touch with.

I have many more ideas for apps / platforms which I will keep to myself for now, but along with these apps I will also have to create an API for each of the app projects to talk to the server etc.

I have also gotten a 6 month contract with a big non-profit here in Iceland for whom I am setting up an online shop on a new domain, fixing and modernizing another domain that is already running and I will hopefully work on two other parts which are integral and important to their success each month to help a lot of people here in Iceland. So far I’ve worked for them for 3 months and I will work for the until the end of March according to the current contract.
I’m hoping this is the start of something long lasting and I can work for them into the future since I love what they are doing and I want to support and help them grow to help even more people.

Personal life

This year has sucked donkey balls.. errr.. yeah, it’s been a fricking hard year for me mentally. Most of it I have had issued with my medication, I have had my dosage doubled in the latter half of the year and that has helped me a bit, but I might need to go exploring other medications and that scares the living daylights out of me. Why? Because I get severe withdrawal symptoms when I miss a dose or take it too late in the morning / afternoon. So, that means I will have a terrible week when I try the first new medication. Hopefully any new medication I take won’t have the same or worse withdrawal symptoms but I can only hope and dream right? For what it’s worth, it’s actually worth it if I find a replacement for the current drug I am on and get better.

Due to Covid I couldn’t have my younger kid with me during Christmas last year and it was almost 2 years that we hadn’t seen eachother, but they were able to come now during last Christmas. They came on the 17th of December and I could have fainted they’ve grown so much. They are taller than me now so I’ll have to look up to them more 😉

And since they were here, Sunna and I decided to do an impromptu wedding ceremony here at home so we could be married, we had wanted to do this last Christmas, but because my kid couldn’t be here then, we postponed it. But now they were here and we put everything together in about 5 days.
It was just a small ceremony here at home, with in total 8 persons and yes, that includes the heather priest that gave us together.

So at least the year ended with tons of happiness and joy.