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Raspberry project – update

As with all projects, hindsight is always best. After I wrote this post on my temperature and humidity sensor project, I got to thinking. The boards will all give of some sort of heat themselves, it’s just how computers work. They get warm as they work.
But that heat can also skew the temperature reading of the sensor since all three parts are in the same enclosure surely?

Self monitoring

So I added a few lines to my code to get and display the temperature of the QtPy itself to see how hot it gets running this script constantly as it does. The code for that is:

selfTemp = microcontroller.cpu.temperature;
self_text = "%0.f" % selfTemp;
    self_text_area = label.Label(
        terminalio.FONT, text=self_text, scale=1, color=0xFFFFFF, x=115, y=120

Running that code will display the temperature of the QtPy in a smaller font, in the lower right corner of the OLED display.

With the QtPy temperature on display

What I found out

What I found was that the QtPy generates about 40°c itself (±1°c), so I now know that I need to design the enclosure differently. I need to compartmentalize the enclosure more than I had thought before. So I’ll be redesigning the whole thing from scratch again and this time I’ll try and do something about how the sensor is being held in place. Before it was just inside the box, but now I’m thinking about closing it off from the heat of the other parts and perhaps making a hole or even multiple holes on the side of the enclosure where I will put the sensor, so that the air from outside the enclosure will have a better way to get to the sensor.

This just shows you that we try, fail and try again.