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Some thoughts on YouTube

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So, I’ve had a yearning for creating videos for YouTube for some years now. I don’t know why I want to. It’s not to get famous, gain millions of followers or get rich. I think it’s more that I want to share with the world, learn the craft better and just be more active.

But there’s a problem

Yes, the problem in my life. I don’t live a life where I have tons to do. If I were to take videos of what I do every day, there would be a lot of videos of me sitting on my ass in front of a computer. But, then again, I could make videos of what I am doing on the computer right?
Yes and no. You see, my day-to-day stuff varies so much due to my ADHD that I tend to jump from one thing to the next without thinking of why or what for. I just might be in the middle of something and then suddenly get an idea for a solution to a problem in another project and jump to that. These projects might have nothing in common, be written in different languages or they might not be projects at all! They might be watching a lesson in React over on CodeCademy while the other would be to add something to my Linked In profile.


What I need most of all right now is a way to focus more than I can right now. I tend to use music, movies, tv shows, YouTube and more to create a sense of the chaos around me on headphones, to be able to focus my mind solely on something. Back when I was working in the helpdesk at Nýherji / Origo, I normally had music, a YouTube video and more open in the background but was still like a tank on the phone and on the computer debugging. On average I was often taking twice the amount of calls as anybody else on the desk. My problem-solving brain would rip apart the issues in no time and I would find a solution to people’s tickets quickly and leave the client happy and with a machine that they could work on. I remember on days where we would perhaps take 80 calls over the day and I had 44 of those calls. In a department where there were over 12 people answering the phone, that’s a lot for one worker.
But that’s because I could focus on my mind. Today with the pandemic and everything else going wrong in the world today, a lot of emotions that haven’t been present before, come into the mix.

But back to YouTube

So, the thing is, I really want to do something but I don’t know what it would be.

My wife and I have been working on converting a 16-seat bus to a camper, which we intend to move into at some point and we’ve been documenting our journey on a channel we made on YouTube. But that’s only one part of me. I want an outlet for my other creative projects, nerd projects and more.

Will it fit the mould of a successful channel on YouTube? Definitely not no. But will I have fun on the way? That remains to be seen. But I want to give it a go, someday.

But when I do, I will definitely post it here on my page, so stay tuned and drop in regularly to see if I made the jump.