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Pleasure of tech

There is something to be said of the pleasure of tech and tech stuff. I’m not talking about anything to do with sex if that’s where you’re head is. I’m talking about getting and setting up new hardware, new virtual servers and more on those lines.

The last week I’ve been setting up my own small server farm via Linode. I’ve set up a nice hosting facility with them now. So from now on, all my mail, web and development environments will be hosted on those servers.

Fast, more responsive

What I’ve noticed first off the gate is how fast these servers are from Linode. Most of my sites were hosted on a shared hosting service here in Iceland and I had no complaints to speak of when I had my sites there, I had just gotten used to the status quo. Things were as things were.

But after I moved everything over it’s close to feeling like I’m hosting it on the machine I’m on, eg. localhost.

I have yet to do a benchmark of the sites, but a few weeks ago I did just that when they were all on the old hosting service and I was sad to see that most of them got a B or lower, the worst being a D-. I’m trying to remember what service I used so I can use it again to get a fair comparison, but since I’m having a brain-fog day, it’s hard to recall.

A new keyboard

The big pain in my neck has been my desk setup. My desk is cluttered since I seem to need things that only take up more and more space on my desk. I have a hard time getting comfortable on the desk and my hands hurt often times due to the keyboard I’m using. So, what do I do? I go and get another keyboard. But not just any old keyboard, I get an ergonomic split wireless keyboard.

My new ergonomic keyboard

I didn’t go with anything fancy, I’ve had a few ergos before but all but one were wired. The only wireless ergo keyboard I’ve had before was the Microsoft Sculpt which is comprised of a keyboard (TKL), ergo mouse and a separate numpad. But the problem with that thing is that if you lose your dongle, it’s worthless. I’ve even contacted Microsoft to see if there was any way of reprogramming a new replacement dongle to see if I could get things to work but the answer was no.
Thus, I didn’t get anything from Microsoft.

This keyboard is from a company I hadn’t heard of before, Perixx. Their Amazon store seems to have a lot of items for sale and when I did a search for them online they seem to have been in existence for more than a few months so I said screw it and got this keyboard from them.

It wasn’t until after I ordered that I saw that a lot of the reviews were talking about how slow the keyboard was, how it didn’t register key presses and all in all just a sluggish experience when using it. So I did try and cancel the order but it was too late.
But when it arrived today I tried the keyboard first with the enclosed dongle and wouldn’t you know it, everything bad that I just read on the Amazon listing was true. The key presses were not all detected, letters were getting sent to the computer in the wrong order and yeah.. everything was really sluggish.

But a fix for that was to skip using the dongle, switch the keyboard into Bluetooth mode and connect it that way to the computer. Now it works 100% and the only mistakes sent to the computer are my own whilst I get used to using an ergonomic keyboard again.

My guess is that the dongle is either using a bad frequency that has a lot of interference or simply that the dongle quality isn’t that of a high calibre. Without tearing it apart, I’ll never know. But for the time being, I am very happy and I have very relaxed hands and elbows 😉