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A step backwards

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Yes, it’s a step backwards that Disney seems to have taken.
The thing is, I’ve been having issues with playing videos from the platform on my Linux machines, browsing the site works fine but as soon as I select something to play the site will display a blank screen.

After a little search on Google, I found a thread on Reddit from last October where various users are talking about the fact that it seems that Disney has added a check in the code on the site, to check for the user agent on the device looking at it. And furthermore, they have decided to only play videos on OSX, Windows and mobile devices.

There is however a fix for this, you can use an add-on for your browser to change the user agent. Personally, I use Firefox since I am against all the data scraping Google does if you use their browser. I took a look at the add-ons site for Firefox and found this add-on. It comes recommended and it works wonderfully as is.

It is, however, strange and sad that we have to make changes like this to be able to use what we pay for. As a subscriber to the services rendered by Disney+, I should be able to use whatever operating system I choose.

I’m not quite sure why they are doing this, DRM is enabled in Firefox both on my MacBook Pro as well as all my Linux machines, there shouldn’t be any reason for me to have to do this. And if Google will have its way with the Internet as it wants to, add-ons like this won’t work much longer since its new draft for how browsers should work would make browsing more secure by blocking out anything that can be in the middle of your browser and the webpage (to put it simply), that means that add-ons and plugins that come between (like Ad-Blockers, stylesheet changers and more) won’t work and we’ll be back to square one in regards to this user agent issue again. But that only applies IF Google gets its way 😉

So, for the time being, at least, I will carry on watching Disney+ with a modified user agent on my Linux machines.

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