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I started in photography before I was a teenager, got my first 35mm film camera with a fixed 28mm lens at the age of 11 and from that time, there was no turning back.

My background is mainly in professional wedding and portraiture photography, but in my spare time I nurture the ever thirsty, sponge of a brain I have and its everlasting longing for new experiences.

With every waking moment, I try to better my craft and learn new things, as well as practicing that which I already know. This way I am ready for what ever I might come across.

Through the years I have worked in IT doing all manner of jobs, from managing the IT infrastructure of a whole hotel, working in first level support for Origo as well as creating plenty of websites in WordPress, creating and maintaining both the plugin I made for the Icelandic translation of WordPress as well as the translation itself. Lately I’ve been getting into Flutter and SwiftUI programming to create apps for mobile devices.