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NFT by axelrafn

Here is where you can find an overview of all photographs I have minted for sale as NFT.

All my NFT projects are listed here, if you see an NFT with my name on it and is not listed here, please contact me with information about it.

Akranes Lighthouses

Here we have the first photograph of the Landcape series, the Akranes Lighthouses.
It was during a dark and cold winters day at noon when I took this photograh, where you can see both the new and old lighthouse of the small town of Akranes (about 30 minutes away from Reykjavík). The older lighthouse looks like it is holding the sun up whilst the newer and bigger lighthouse looks over and learns from the old.

Kerlingarfjöll on Kjölur

Here we have Kerlingarfjöll, to the side of one of Icelands most famous mountain roads, Kjölur. It is one of my favorite places in the whole of Iceland. If you drive the road you see on the photograph, you end up at the Kerlingarfjöll Visitor Center and Campground.


This photograph shows a long exposure of Skógafoss, above it is a famous trek called “Laugavegurinn“, a 54km trek that goes from Skógafoss and into Þórsmörk, one of Icelands pearls in the highlands of the country.

Fossá waterfall in Hvalfjörður

When I lived in Akranes, I really liked taking drives into Hvalfjörður, a fjord that is between Akranes and Reykjavík. A wonderful drive that few take after the fjord was tunneled for a shortcut of the ring road. But in Hvalfjörður there are plenty of wonders, sights and stops. This waterfalls name is Fossá Waterfall.

Fossatún in Borgarfjörður

This huge panorama is of Fossatún in Borgarfjörður, I’ve traveled all over the area and always keep on finding myself taking photographs of this multi-platform waterfall again and again.

Areal photograph of Akranes, as seen from the old lighthouse.

Here we have a view from the other side of the first photograph, but during the other side of the year. Here you can see the old lighthouse closest to the drone and the view of the town of Akranes as well as Akrafjall, which is very adored in Akranes.